Sports Bra Fitting Solutions

Is your bra the wrong size?

Here at Glamorise, we’re long-time experts on sports bra fitting — if you didn’t know, we were the makers of the very first commercially available sports bra, which debuted in 1975 — and we know a thing or two about how fit issues can compromise comfort. Most of the time, the things that make your sports bra less comfy and more distracting come from issues associated with fit.

For example, if you’ve noticed some sports bra overflow or side bulge, you might consider going up a cup or band size. On the other hand, there are many fit solutions that don’t require buying a new bra. For example, if your bra rides up in back or if your straps slip, it may simply be a matter of adjusting your bra straps.

This guide will help you address common issues like sore shoulders, slipping straps and bands that dig into your ribs. The great thing about shopping GlamoriseSport for your sports bras is that we prioritize comfort, specifically for full figured women. Because common fit issues require you to lengthen or shorten bra straps for the perfect fit, we know how important it is to offer sports bras with adjustable straps.

Other fit- and comfort-focused solutions — moisture-wicking fabrics, stretch backs and, sometimes, even underwire (in the form of our hidden Wonderwire design) — will help ensure the best level of comfort while you work out. Have more questions? Feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to help our customers find the best-fitting sports bra. We invented it, after all.


Bra rides up in back

Adjust hook and eye closure to tighten, loosen straps or try a smaller band size


Sides bulge

Choose one band size larger or choose a style that provides more cup coverage


Underwires poke or stand away

Try smaller cup size and same band size, try unbanded wired bra or bra with no wires (may not work for petite)


Sore shoulders

Loosen straps or opt for a bra with wider or padded straps

Band digs in

Choose one band size larger or opt for a bra with a wider band


Cups overflow

Choose one cup size larger or one band size larger


Bustline sags

Shorten straps, check cup size, avoid stretchy fabrics or choose a firmer support style with rigid straps


Straps slip

Tighten straps or opt for a larger band size and smaller cup and fit bra on tightest hook & eye adjustment