Sports Bra Size Calculator

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There’s so much out there about how to get the perfect bra size for your everyday garments, but what about sports bra sizing? Indeed, it’s a world all its own, but one that we’re prepared to guide you through. Like with regular bra sizing, you can simplify the process with the correct bra size calculator, such as the one below.
Before you use this tool, you’ll need to take two important measurements: your bust measurement and your band measurement. Follow the step-by-step instructions on this page to ensure that you get accurate measurements. Be sure to measure in inches. For more information, watch our sports bra fit video.
Once you’ve jotted those two numbers down, plug them into our bra calculator and we’ll show you which sports bra size is best for you.

1Measure your band Size
Measure (in inches) above your bust, around the chest, under the arm and around your back.
2Measure your bust Size
Measure (in inches) around the back and the bust, at the fullest part of the bust.
3Enter your measurements

Your Size:

Calculate Bra Size for Reduced Pain and More Comfort


Interestingly, getting the appropriate sports bra size is perhaps more important than finding the correct size in your regular bras. The only thing that makes them equally as important is, unless you’re a professional athlete or personal trainer, you probably wear your regular, everyday bras much more than you wear sports bras. Finding the right sports bra size prevents sore breasts post-workout by providing you with the right amount of support while you’re physically active. In general, you should choose a style that’s snugger than your regular bra but still breathable enough to keep you cool and dry while you’re pumping iron, running laps or sinking into new asanas.